Cooper Greer Band –  is one of the of the foremost up and coming country artists in eastern NC. He was born in southwest Missouri then moved all over the country as a child until he ended up in eastern NC. He grew up in a rural area working on a farm, hunting, fishing, and playing guitar since the age of nine.  He discovered his love for songwriting around the age of 16 and has been writing ever since. At 18 he started to rodeo, riding bulls and broncs and traveling the country. These experiences shaped his songwriting to become something truly special.  In November of 2017 he released his first single “Lost Ships” which was picked up by local radio as soon as it came out. The success of that single launched his career forward allowing him to play over 100 successfull shows as well as a solo tour spanning from North Carolina to Arizona all in his first year of touring. In 2019 he released his extremely successful second single “To Be Loved Right”. He is extremely active in raising money for charities through benefit concerts. He has been featured in Eastern Living Magazine as well as multiple newspapers. Cooper’s style is heavily influenced by artists like, Johnny Cash, Deirks Bentley, and Chris Young. He is currently in the studio working on his next single “Right Where I Needed To Be” which is set to release in September of 2019.